Our Services

Meetings and Business Events

  • Planning, conducting and coordinating events
  • Budget planning, arranging event venues, constructing and managing a database
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Purchasing tickets for local concerts, musicals and other cultural activities
  • Arranging networking events with local companies
  • *Arranging sight-seeing activities and assigning multilingual tour guides
  • (Also for spouse and family of the participant)
  • Printing out leaflets, brochures, company signs, etc.
  • VIP Programs
  • Interpretation service and on-site operation
  • Halal, Arab or vegetarian catering


  • All services in Meetings and Business Events
  • Implementing team-building activities


  • All services in Meetings and Business Events
  • Constructing exhibition booths or halls and other equipment (third-party)

We have the edges over...

Sports Tours to Korea

We cater to any sports team and travel agents wanting to arrange technical training sessions and games with local Korean clubs or schools as part of their tour to Korea.

● Arrange all fixtures for the group
● Arrange all training venues for the tour
● Pay for and arrange all technical sessions with local schools
● Assist with sourcing tickets for big games at the stadium

University/MBA Study Tour

Educational tours for schools, colleges and universities have become an important niche market for us. Our expert staffs can tailor-make the program to maximize and enhance the experience gained from the educational tour to meet the multiple purposes of learning, interacting with other cultures, career development and self-development.

All programs can be designed for cost effective pricing, and maintain the safety agenda as well. The tours would include (and we are always open to your suggestions as well).

Visiting of factories and local companies related to the students course of study.

Tours for the Physically Challenged

● Interpretation for hearing-impaired travelers

● Individual guides & caretakers for special care situations

● Arrangements visiting rehabilitation centers, if requested

● Wheelchair lifts installed in our cars, if requested

Halal Arrangement

Korea has become a key destination for Muslim travelers. To serve the specific needs of this segment, the Korean Government has re-structured Korea into a Halal-friendly destination from 2006. The number of Muslim tourist reached 620,000 in 2013. Holidaylink has been a pioneer and leading travel company in this field, catering to travelers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran etc., Understanding the needs of the Muslim traveler including their religious beliefs, Halal foods and culinary requirements, prayer facilities etc., are all taken into account.